Stuart Waste Facility 2C

Townsville City Council


Stuart Landfill Waste Facility is located on the Southern approach to Townsville.   The construction of the Cell 2C interface liner within the Facility has extended the service of the landfill beyond 2030.

The cell constructed was approximately 100m in length and on average 190m wide.

Scope of Works

Prepare subgrade, comprising stripping and grubbing the existing surface, and shaping the existing surface where considered necessary to remove low spots or significant irregularities in the subgrade surface.   Over 40,000T of material imported to site

The Cell Construction

A network of landfill gas collection drains comprising geocomposite strip drains and panel drains installed on the prepared subgrade to enable depressurisation of landfill gas beneath the liner.

Geosynthetic reinforcing layer to distribute strains in the geomembrane resulting from differential settlement of underlying waste

200 mm thick bridging layer

Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL)

1.5 mm thick linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) Geomembrane

Cushion Geotextile

Geosynthetic reinforcing layer to retain the overlying protection layer

400 mm thick protection layer


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