Molongle Creek Dregdge material Rehandling Facility

Maritime Safety Queensland - Department of Transport & Main Roads


The Molongle Creek project is located 60km south of the Burdekin Shire at the outlet of Molongle Creek.  On completion, the $3M project will allow dredged materials from Molongle Creek mouth to be rehandled through four (4) purification ponds, removing sediment and releasing clean water back into Molongle Creek.


  • Clearing of vegetation to the 42Ha site, which was burnt to remove presence of pest weeds, allowing for excavation of ponds with 5x10m3 scoops and excavators.
  • Key trenches were cut under each bund wall, with treated material compacted in the excavation ensuring improved foundations. Ground surface treatment was undertaken prior to placement and compaction of the bund constraction. The excavated material from the pond was tyned, treated and mixed before being used for the bund wall. The treated natural material was rolled with a Cat825 compactor meeting all compaction requirements.  Approximately 150,000m3 of earthworks material was cut from site and placed as fill.
  • Weir boxes—have been installed at each bund wall these were fabricated and transported to site. Each weir box connected to 12m of pipe allowing for drainage with each having an opening to allow the outlet pipe to be joined by a PE stub and attached to the boxes side.
  • Pavement materials were sourced and hauled from a local quarry, placed and spread by a grader. The gravel was then compacted with a roller and trimmed to profile with GPS equipped graders.
  • Culverts and headwalls were also installed at the entrance of Days Road allowing for improved access to the site.


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