Hervey Range Cell A / Stage C Capping

Townsville City Council


The Hervey Landfill Cell A/Stage C Capping project is located at Council’s Hervey Range Landfill facility west of Townsville, off Hervey Range Road.  This section of the facility is closed and no longer receiving waste, subsequently the $4.4M ‘capping’ project is required to comply with Council’s Environmental Authority licence.

Scope of Works

This is the first project of its type in Australia to use environmentally friendly bituminous geomembrane to ‘cap’ a landfill site, effectively managing methane leakage from waste and accelerating site rehabilitation ensuring best practice environmental outcomes.  Implementation of specialist construction methods is key to the successful delivery of this project, Mendi Group will draw on the experience of having recently completed the Cell 2C Interface Liner project at Council’s Stuart Landfill facility.  Construction elements vary across the project depending on location, however, typically include the following:


  • Subgrade preparation;
  • Leachate Interception trench and sump;
  • Engineered fill placement to perimeter bunds;
  • Installation of Passive Landfill Gas (LFG) system;
  • Subsurface HDPE Drainage Geocomposite;
  • Perforated Seepage pipe system;
  • High strength/high flow Panel Drain system – in landfill gas collection system;
  • HDPE geonet Strip Drain system;
  • 300mm layer of imported Cover Soil; and
  • 200mm layer of Topsoil.


On completion of the 200mm Topsoil layer approximately 48,000m2 of turf will be laid to complete the works and enhance the amenity of the facility.

Additional works will be delivered as part of the project to improve site conditions generally, these include construction of a new access road and Stormwater control bunds, drop structures and culverts.

Site works have recently commenced and are progressing well.  The project is scheduled for completion early November 2020.

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