Echlin Street Reservoir Site works

Townsville City Council



Excavation and removal of 330,000 tonnes of rock from the former west End Quarry site to create a foundation for 2 new steel water storage tanks of combined capacity of over 70ML.


  • Included rock face stabilisation works within the quarry and around Castle Hill to make the site safe for construction workers and local residents and the general public.
  • Rock is being drilled and blasted in a strategically planned sequence of 12 blasts and then excavated into B-Doubles to remove from site and haul to several stockpile sites around the city.
  • Blasting process used approximately 100 tonne of explosives, whilst being carefully executed using state of the art electronic detonator sequencing to limit the vibration to less than 10mm/s, in strict accordance with Australian and world wide compliance requirements for the use of explosives within close proximity to housing.

Stakeholder Management

  • Mendi worked collaboratively with Townsville City Council to keep the community and West End residents fully informed, details of the project scope and method of drilling, blasting and haulage through the local road network was communicated using workshops, print media, social media and face to face interaction with local residents.

Civil Infrastructure

  • Temporary works at the Echlin St site and the stockpile sites to manage the 180 B-Double movements per day.

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