ENJOY, RELAX, UNWIND AND STAY SAFE This Queens Birthday long weekend

Keep safety in mind so everyone can enjoy their time with loved ones

Did you know, incident and injury trends indicate an increased number of incidents during the long weekend periods as people may be tempted to do too much and not get the sleep they know they need.  Fatigue leads to a decrease in thinking and reaction times.  Those two factors alone contribute to the risk of injury.

While you are having fun, be mindful of your obligations to your family and to your workplace.  Alcohol contributes to fatigue and dehydration, a potentially dangerous mix. With the beginning of the long weekend, traffic on the roads will increase significantly.  Drivers take on longer distances and road fatigue may become an issue—and not just for the person behind the wheel – Watch out for any erratic behaviour on the roads and stay alert.

This long weekend –  enjoy, relax, unwind and stay safe.

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